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From passion to profession, EZ Studio never forget our ultimate goal. To maintain a balance between art and commerce in order to improves people's living quality and sustainable environmental.


We offers personal, professional and creative interiors solution to clients with understanding of variously specific requirements. Our client’s satisfaction from our services is our ultimate goal. EZ Studio would constantly match to an new level in order to provide a better service to all of you !





Eric Chau

Design Principal 设计负责人

Eric Zou graduated from the MA of Design at Northumbria University, UK. 


18 years of practical working experience of various interior design projects in different international base design firms. The projects have included different kinds of interior design porjects, such as Corporate/Workplace, Residential, and Restaurant ...etc. My duties have involved from design management to construction supervision in all processes in order to achieve a positive feedbacks from our clients.


My professional experience can bring out different tailor-made to individual clients needs while remaining aware of the specific conditions and limitations of each project. The focus is always on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and well function. It can be also reflecting client’s personality or cooperate branding clearly.

Sam Lam

Associate Director 设计副董

Sam Lam graduated from the Bachelor Degree in University of Alberta, Canada, MSSc in Hong Kong Chinese University.


30 years of various creative design experiences, he has expert in commercial and villa designs, managed to design and build through solid works.  An expert in styling complicated interiors through the use of colors and natural materials, Sam is a strong believer in environmental safety.


You may trust him with your love ones in all the spaces constructed by Sam and our company.   

Eric Lam

Associate Director 设计副董

“Most of the successful people would prefer to follow the old way that had made them success”. However, that is a fatal error for design people. We always need something NEW.


I started with industrial design and then crossed to Spacing area, Interior and Store solution for more than 20 years. With the chance of working with different Asian Pacific people, I have experienced different cultures which leads me think wider and more far.


A successful designer depends not on how many skill or software he know but how wide and far he can explore. “Think outside the Box” is just Next to the Box, we need much more far away in order to create something really good and new. Think more and wider!

Jonathan Heuw

Business Development Manager


Business flourish always come from good marketing strategies. To identify customer need and customer preference is my strength and my profession.  And I would love to share with you about my over 20 years of experience and knowledge in sales & marketing from my previous projects.  


Brave to challenge the future, to be the greatest one !

Jan Zhao

Project Manager 项目经理

Jan Zhao graduated from Shaoguan University, Practiced in Shanghai KANGYE construction company since 2005.


In 2018, he become the General Manager of Huaye Group construction company responsible to organize different types of design projects, such as Education, Medical, Scientific, Office and Commerce aspects.


In addition, he also work with architects for Master-planing, International competitive design, Facade and Green building designs. In 2017, Mr. Zhao has further bring the Chinese "Yi jing" elements into the western aesthetics and science aspects which has arised lots of customer interest and concern.

Adam Luo 

Senior Designer 资深设计师

Adam Luo graduated from Qinzhou University in Bachelor (Honor) of Environmental Art & Design.


He has worked in Shanghai since 2012 for different kinds of design projects, such as Commerce building, Office factory , Exhibition, Hotel and Retail project... etc.

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